Tuesday the 4th April 2017
AJ Bell Stadium, 1 Stadium Way, Barton-upon-Irwell, Eccles, Manchester M30 7EY
12 Professional Speakers

The Smart Cities Conference 2017: Inspiring urban innovation


About the conference

We want the UK to be a place where technology ceaselessly transforms the economy, society and government.”Ed Vaizey, Digital Economy Minister (July 2016) The Government’s commitment to building a stronger digital economy means the vision of smarter, more efficient, cities has never been closer to becoming a reality. As cities like Manchester lead the way in digital innovation, creating better connected urban areas remains a key part of the Northern Powerhouse agenda.


Smart Cities in the Northern Powerhouse

The Smart Cities Conference 2017 will bring together experts from government and industry to give their views on how smart technology can be used to improve the lives of the 45 million people living in the UK’s town and cities. A wide range of topics will be covered providing exclusive insights into how we can transform our urban areas to make them more efficient, more sustainable and safer.

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The smart cities industry will be worth an estimated $400 billion globally by 2020. With the UK targeting a 10% share of this overall total, the urban technology revolution could provide a massive boost to the national economy. These innovations could also vastly improve the lives of the millions of British people living in urban areas. Experts predict that the smart cities of the future will monitor air quality to reduce pollution, use real time traffic data to ease congestion and tackle crime using analytic software.

While much more needs to be done to improve interconnectivity and data infrastructure before this vision can become a reality, several UK cities are already leading the way by exploiting the latest smart tech. London has been an early adopter of smart city innovation, most notably by using new technology to improve the service provided by public transport.

Meanwhile, the Bristol Smart Energy City Collaboration will see a single, city-owned, energy company take responsibility for smarter use, distribution and supply of energy across Bristol by using big data to balance supply and demand.

In the North West, Manchester has established a “smart quarter” where established firms can link up with tech start-ups to collaborate and innovate new solutions to the challenges facing the city.

Experts have suggested that directly elected mayors with autonomous decision making powers are the main driving force behind London and Bristol being the UK leaders in smart cities. Projects such as those in Manchester, alongside the devolution deals for city regions, are key to the Northern Powerhouse agenda. Local government has a key role to play not only in facilitating the introduction of smart technology but also using the data it provides to deliver more efficient services

The Digital Economy Bill is just one Government initiative which is paving the way for smarter cities. The Modern Transport Bill, proposed in the 2016 Queen’s Speech, looks set to lay the legislative framework for a revolution in transport technology. The bill includes plans to invest in driverless vehicles and create more efficient roads. Exploiting new technologies could transform not only the daily commute but also delivery logistics and emergency service response times. Existing devises have shown the potential for analytic software to improve public transport by altering services to meet varying demand.

Why attend?:

  • Discover the latest innovations and learn how new technologies are being put to use by pioneering cities.
  • Come and explore our exhibition, where leading manufacturers and suppliers will showcase exciting and innovative products. Enjoy the opportunity to test new technology and learn how it can be used to improve our urban areas.
  • Connect with over 200 high quality delegates who specialise in urban planning and city management.
  • Attend a variety of topical seminars, engaging interactive activities, and keynote panel discussions with smart city specialists.
  • Quiz regional and national experts and discuss the latest solutions to common challenges.

The Smart Cities Conference 2017 boasts a variety of outstanding speakers from across both public and private sectors. Each one has been hand-picked based on their expertise and achievements, ensuring that delegates enjoy only the highest quality presentations. A wide number of topics will be covered on the day, and delegates can expect speakers to discuss the major challenges and opportunities posed by innovations in Smart City technologies:

  • How smarter energy use and traffic regulation could help reduce the carbon footprint of our biggest cities.
  • How making our cities smarter will be an integral part on the Northern Powerhouse agenda.
  • How exploiting the latest data innovations and other advances can help reduce crime and make our streets safer.
  • Which cities are leading the way by embracing the latest in smart technology?
  • How smart city technology can improve and replace ageing infrastructure.
  • What are the economic advantages of introducing smarter technology into urban areas?

This event builds on the success of The Smart Cities Conference 2016 which attracted more than 200 delegates from academia and local government as well as the tech and energy sectors. Delegates discussed the potential of new technologies and big data to transform urban transport, create more ecological cities and improve public sector efficiency. Attendees heard from leading experts about how to implement some of the latest innovations and what the towns and cities of the future will look like.

  • Easymile
  • Tickey
  • Cave Digital –
  • Frontier PR
  • Arup
  • Relayr
  • InterDigital
  • Mayflower Controls
  • Lab Mobi
  • Alchera Technologies
  • DW Windsor
  • Cisco
  • Data Racks
  • Ordnance Survey
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  • “The event was an overall success presenting excellent opportunities for networking.”
  • “Exhibitor space good.”
  • “It was useful to attend this conference hosted by Salford University, where the innovative research had come from the department.”
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Professor Terrence Fernando
Professor Terrence Fernando
Scientific Director of the THINKlab
Nick Chrissos
Nick Chrissos
Head of Innovation Technology, Cisco Systems
Emma Ashcroft
Emma Ashcroft
Associate Director of Programmes Team, The Carbon Trust
David Ludlow
David Ludlow
Associate Professor of Smart Cities, Bristol UWE
Mark Saunders
Mark Saunders
UK Projects Director, Centre of Excellence for Cities, Ferrovial
Chris Nicola
Chris Nicola
Head of Urban Partnerships, MKTG
Barney Smith
Barney Smith
Chief Executive, Bristol is Open
Simon Navin
Simon Navin



  • Less than 500 metres from Junction 11 of the M60
  • Two miles from the Trafford Centre
  • Within 500 metres of the City Airport
  • Eight miles from Manchester City Centre
The stadium is the first phase of major redevelopment of the area. By Road The stadium is located at Barton close to Junction 11 of the M60 on the A57 Liverpool Road
The smart cities conference runs for a day.
The conference is ideal for helping build voluntary and private sector strategy through the upcoming smart city revolution. Other personalities who will be attending are:

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Heads of Economic Development
  • Heads of Sustainability
  • Heads of Planning
  • Heads of Transport
  • Heads of Innovation
  • e-government leads
  • Heads of Inward Investment
  • Heads of Growth and Regeneration
  • LEPs
  • Councillors
  • Local Authority officials
  • Development Managers
  • Directors, Senior Managers
  • Strategic Directors
  • Heads of Planning
  • Project and Programme Managers
  • Heads of Research and Innovation
  • North and North West Based Business

Some will be drawn from Central Government, Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Higher Education, Health and Social Care, Transport, Local Businesses and the Voluntary and Private Sector.
The Future of Smart Cities will give you the following:
  • The potential benefit of smart cities to the Northern Powerhouse
  • Economic impact of smart cities
  • Innovative smart city initiatives in the North
  • Potential of smart city technology for improving infrastructure
  • Smart technology infrastructure initiatives
  • Impact of cities on the environment
  • Smart city solutions to mitigate environmental impact
  • Green smart city initiatives in the North
  • Smart technology’s role in reducing crime
  • Northern smart city initiatives for reducing crime

The conference also will provide you with an excellent opportunity to discover innovative technology and

Smart Cities Conference

AJ Bell stadium
1 Stadium Way
M30 7EY

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