GovTech Conference: The Vision Beyond 2020

19th November 2020 - Manchester

“Our modern Industrial Strategy sets out the Government’s ambition to make the UK the world’s most innovative economy, and place us at the forefront of the technologies of the future. This means realising the potential of emerging technologies for all, including through delivery of high quality public services.”

The UK is considered as one of the most technically advanced nation in the world. Since the launch of the Government Transformation Strategy in 2016, a great amount of progress has been made to improve citizen centric service delivery, as well as building world class digital tools for civil servants in workplaces. Whilst significant progress has been made in digital government since the launch of the transformation strategy, more can be done to deliver citizen centric services that are delivered effectively.

Following the launch of the Government Technology Innovation Strategy, there has been more focus on digital technologies to be increasingly used across the public sector. The GovTech Conference will explore the challenges and opportunities that are available to deliver solution focused services. Issues around cyber security, AI Robotics and ethical considerations of data will also be highlighted. This event will provide delegates with an opportunity to hear industry leaders from government departments debate the future of technology in the government sector, how this can be implemented responsibly and what the governments digital transformation vision beyond 2020 should look like.

Join us for Salford Professional Development’s annual GovTech Conference where experts will examine key issues highlighted across government departments, share case studies on successful implementation of citizen centric services. Central to this, is the importance of collaboration between the private and public sector to improve service delivery.

  • 19th November 2020
  • 09:30 - 16:30
  • Manchester - Directions
  • From £99
Learning Outcomes
  • Examining how public sector and private sector can bridge the gap and create more opportunities collaboration
  • Understand the importance of digital skills and create a culture ensuring your organisation has the right people, with the right skills and training, employed in the right place working in the right way
  • Explore how you can assess and make better use of company data to streamline public services
  • See case studies on how public sector organisations are implementing technology to improve service delivery for citizens
  • How AI technology will change the landscape of IT roles and what we can do to ensure future employment
  • Gain insight into the government’s digital transformation strategy post 2020
  • Explore the latest innovative technologies that are helping public sector organisations deliver citizen centric services and improving the user experience
  • What does good cyber security look like and what we can do to stay ahead of the risk of cyber attacks
Who Should Attend
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Head of IT Services
  • Head of Business Intelligences
  • Strategy Leads
  • Directors of Innovation
  • Heads of Research
  • Heads of Digital
  • Heads of IT Services
  • Software Engineers
  • Heads of Policy
  • Programme Managers
  • Data Managers
  • IT Project Managers
  • Digital Engagement Mangers
  • Security analysts
  • Data Analysts

We do not accept delegate registrations from suppliers.

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